Ruswahl SAMAAI

Ruswahl SAMAAI
Birth Date:  25 Sep 1991
Place of Birth:  Paarl
Country of birth:  RSA
Age:  26
Gender:   Men
Height (cm):  185
Weight (Kg):  76

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
ATH Athletics Men's Long Jump 3 Bronze

Ruswahl SAMAAI - Schedule

Time Event Status
Tue, 10 Apr 11:30
Men's Long Jump Qualifying Round - Group A
Wed, 11 Apr 20:32
Gold Medal Event Men's Long Jump Final

Biographical Information

Commonwealth Games
2014 Glasgow, SCO Men's Long Jump 3 8.08

Olympic Games
2016 Rio de Janeiro, BRA Men's Long Jump 9 7.97

World Championships
2017 London, GBR Men's Long Jump 3 8.32
2015 Beijing, CHN Men's Long Jump 20 7.79

Nickname: Rush (, 15 Mar 2016)
Occupation: Athlete, student
Education: Management, transport and logistics at University of Johannesburg, South Africa
Languages spoken: English
Coach: PERSONAL: Emmarie FOUCHE (RSA) (, 15 Dec 2015)

Switched from triple jump to long jump after knee surgery in 2010, and sidelined for three months in 2015 with hamstring injury. (, 15 Mar 2016) (, 6 Jun 2016)

Reason: "I always loved running. My siblings, family members and I used to race each other in the streets or race the other kids in the neighbourhood. We used to put crates in the road. That's how it all started in track and field while at primary school." (, 15 Mar 2016)
Memorable: Bronze medal in long jump at Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. (, 6 Jun 2016)
Influence: Mother (, 12 Feb 2013)
Additional information

"I hate jumping. I don't like practice sessions and technique work because you have to think all the time and everything has to be perfect. I love the running part of it. I know it sounds funny, but I'm a long jumper who doesn't like jumping." (, 15 Mar 2016)

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