Samantha DIRKS

Samantha DIRKS
Birth Date:  18 Dec 1992
Place of Birth:  California
Country of birth:  USA
Age:  25
Gender:   Female

Weight (Kg):  0

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
ATH Athletics Women's 400m  

Samantha DIRKS - Schedule

Time Event Status
Mon, 9 Apr 10:30
Women's 400m Round 1 - Heat 1

Biographical Information

World Championships
2017 London, GBR Women's 400m 9r1h1 54.74

Nickname: Sam (Athlete, 19 Feb 2018)

Cooking (Athlete, 19 Feb 2018)

Occupation: Athlete, coach (Athlete, 19 Feb 2018)
Education: Food science at California State University Northridge, CA, United States
Languages spoken: English, Spanish (Athlete, 19 Feb 2018)

CLUB: Gary EVANS (Athlete, 19 Feb 2018)

Reason: Started running in Year 12 and found athletics to be the most challenging on an individual level. Pursued her opportunities on a college level. (Athlete, 19 Feb 2018)
Ambition: To medal at the Olympics. (Athlete, 19 Feb 2018)
Hero: Her parents, Anne and Bill DIRKS, because they paved the way for her to become who she is and taught her to pursue her dreams. (Athlete, 19 Feb 2018)
Influence: Her coaches, because they have molded her into the athlete and person she is today. (Athlete, 19 Feb 2018)
Ritual: Pray, read her favourite scriptures and mentally envision her race. (Athlete, 19 Feb 2018)
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