Breyton POOLE

Breyton POOLE
Birth Date:  23 Mar 2000
Place of Birth:  SOMERSET WEST
Country of birth:  RSA
Age:  18
Gender:   Men
Height (cm):  172
Weight (Kg):  63

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
ATH Athletics Men's High Jump  

Breyton POOLE - Schedule

Time Event Status
Mon, 9 Apr 10:20
Men's High Jump Qualifying Round - Group A

Biographical Information

Nickname: Breytie (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Occupation: High school student (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Languages spoken: English, Afrikaans

PERSONAL: Bennie SCHLECHTER (NAM) (Athlete, Jan 2018)

Other sports

Played rugby at national level. (, 16 Jul 2017)


"Tear in left quad which put me out for one month in 2016." (Athlete, Jan 2018)

Reason: “I just instantly fell in love with sport at the age of 10, as I was a gymnast. Every time I jump, I just get the feeling of flying.? (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Ambition: “I hope to make the final for Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games and win a medal. I am still young, so a medal would just be a bonus. My biggest goal is gold at the World U20 Championships in Finland 2018.? (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Memorable: “My happiest moment was standing on the podium at the World U18 Championships and receiving gold.? (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Hero: “Definitely Mutaz BARSHIM (QAT), just the way he jumps and he always does it in style. I met him and he is a nice guy. He even gave me some good advice and that's why I look up to him.? (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Influence: Family (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Ritual: “I listen to some good music to get me into the jumping mood.? (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Additional information

Won IAAF World Youth (U18) high jump in Nairobi, Kenya, in June 2017, leaping 2.24m. (instagram, Jan 2018;, Jan 2018)

Cleared 2.24m in the high jump in July 2017, 52cm higher than his own height of 1.72m. "It is among the records of one of the highest height differences, I've been told." The unofficial world best is 59 centimetres, achieved by Stefan HOLM (SWE) (1.81m tall, personal best 2.40m) and Franklin JACOBS (USA) (1.73m tall, personal best 2.32m). (, 17 Jul 2015; Athlete, Jan 2018)

When he started at age 10, there were doubts he could be competitive in high jump. "They thought I wouldn’t be able to adapt because I was so short. But I proved them wrong." Bennie SCHLECHDER, a retired teacher from Namibia, started coaching POOLE when he was 13. He studied the greats of the event and how an athlete like Stefan HOLM (SWE), at 1.81m tall, had managed to clear 2.40m. "Holm showed us it’s absolutely about technique and speed," said SCHLECHDER. (, 16 Jul 2017)

"I've tried growing a few inches taller but haven't really grown much over the last few years. My height is currently 1.73m but I'm still developing, so hopefully I can add some centimetres to my height. (Athlete, Jan 2018)

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