Birth Date:  30 Jan 1991
Place of Birth:  BELFAST
Country of birth:  GBR
Age:  27
Gender:   Men

Weight (Kg):  0

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
ATH Athletics Men's 3000m Steeplechase 8

Adam KIRK-SMITH - Schedule

Time Event Status
Fri, 13 Apr 19:30
Gold Medal Event Men's 3000m Steeplechase Final

Biographical Information

Nickname: Kirky (Athlete, Jan 2018)

"Writing (blogs, short stories, bad poetry and worse jokes), reading (popular science, novels, good poetry), climbing, photography, computer games, sailing, making huge salads and overly long lists." (Athlete, Jan 2018)

Occupation: Athlete, work part-time at running shop (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Education: Science at University of Kent, Canterbury; digital anthropology (Masters) at Uni College London (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Languages spoken: English

PERSONAL: Tomas PLIBERSEK (Athlete, Jan 2018)

Sporting relatives

Father (Ian) and grandfather (George) played international hockey. (Athlete, Jan 2018)


Damaged ankle ligaments, out for 10 months from September 2009. Torn hip tendon ruled him out for 14 months from September 2010. Damaged Achilles tendon in November 2014 and needed three months of recovery. Tore shoulder ligaments in bike accident, requiring five months of recovery and two surgeries from June 2015. (Athlete, Jan 2018)

Reason: "I started running as a hobby in October 2012, as I was in London and had too far to travel to play hockey. I started running consistently in mid-2014, and after getting a few injuries, I committed to giving athletics a proper go." (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Ambition: "Staying fit, healthy and happy enough to compete for as long as I can in the sport, and represent Ireland and Northern Ireland in all major competitions. If I can positively affect anyone else's life, that would mean more than the success I might have." (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Memorable: “A personal best and a second Commonwealth standard at Letterkenny in County Donegal, the county where my grandmother was born, less than a week after her funeral.? (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Hero: “Roger BANNISTER (ENG). His achievements made an enormous impact on the public awareness of athletics and inspired so many people. More than that, his role in medical practice and research is something people are less aware of. When interviewed about his greatest achievement, he spoke about that, not his sport.? (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Influence: “My coach and family have been incredible and hugely supportive. I wouldn't have got to the stage where I was worth taking seriously as an athlete without someone else really believing in me.? (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Ritual: “I like to take a book into the call room because I hate sitting down on a bench pretending to be relaxed. I'm not, and I won't pretend to be, but I always like reading anyway so it seems like a sensible use of the time.? (Athlete, Jan 2018)
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