Birth Date:  05 Jul 1990
Place of Birth:  LAMBETH
Country of birth:  GBR
Age:  27
Gender:   Men

Weight (Kg):  0

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ATH Athletics Men's Long Jump  

Adam McMULLEN - Schedule

Time Event Status
Tue, 10 Apr 11:30
Men's Long Jump Qualifying Round - Group A

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PlayStation, board games, cinema, movies (Athlete, Jan 2018)

Education: Sport studies at Ulster University, Northern Ireland
Languages spoken: English

PERSONAL: Self-coached (Athlete, Jan 2018)


"Torn hamstring in 2012, pubic synthesis in 2013 and sprained ligaments in my knee in 2014." (Athlete, Jan 2018)

Reason: “I started athletics when I was 11 and enjoyed training. I was a high jumper and jumped 1.80m when I was 14 and eventually moved to triple jump, then long jump. My personal best in the long jump when I was 18 was 6.36m - a year later I jumped 7.28m, so there’s hope for everybody.? (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Ambition: “I would like to become the Irish long jump record holder and compete internationally at major events for as many years as possible. If I make the (GC2018) final, I’d like to finish top eight and get six jumps in.? (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Memorable: "I really enjoyed my time in South Korea for the World University Games. It was a great experience and my first competition where there were other sports taking place." (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Hero: “Carl LEWIS (USA), as he was one of the most consistent athletes and best competitors of all time.? (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Influence: “My biggest influence is myself, as I haven’t had the spotlight career most successful athletes have had. Mine has had a lot of speed bumps, with different coaches and injuries.? (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Ritual: “I heard a good quote from (former athlete) Michael JOHNSON (USA) that I think I’ll start to use. “I don’t have any pre-race rituals, but I do have a post-race ritual. It involves me standing on a podium and getting a gold medal put around my neck.? (Athlete, Jan 2018)
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