De`bono PARAKA

De`bono PARAKA
Birth Date:  20 Jul 1990
Place of Birth:  Port Moresby
Country of birth:  PNG
Age:  27
Gender:   Men
Height (cm):  178
Weight (Kg):  125

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
ATH Athletics Men's Discus Throw 10

De`bono PARAKA - Schedule

Time Event Status
Thu, 12 Apr 10:00
Men's Discus Throw Qualifying Round - Group A
Fri, 13 Apr 19:45
Gold Medal Event Men's Discus Throw Final

Biographical Information

Nickname: Bono (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)

Cooking (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)

Occupation: Business owner (cleaning and catering) (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)
Education: Commerce and business accounting at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
Languages spoken: Tok Pisin, English (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)

CLUB: Brett GREEN (AUS) (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)

Sporting relatives

"My younger brother, Pettow PARAKA (AUS), plays rugby union for the Queensland Reds." (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)

Reason: "The 2015 Pacific Games motivated me to compete." (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)
Ambition: "Qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games." (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)
Memorable: "Winning discus gold at the 2017 Pacific Mini Games." (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)
Hero: "My brother, Dylan, because he is an accomplished businessman at a young age." (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)
Influence: "Family and friends." (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)
Ritual: "I like to visualise and drink coffee." (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)
Additional information

"I have the highest vertical jump (88.9cm) in PNG." (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)


Gold: Gold
Silver: Silver
Bronze: Bronze
Gold Medal Event: Gold Medal Event
Bronze Medal Event: Bronze Medal Event

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