Birth Date:  14 Jun 1994
Place of Birth:  PORT MORESBY
Country of birth:  PNG
Age:  23
Gender:   Men
Height (cm):  179
Weight (Kg):  73

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
ATH Athletics Men's Long Jump  
Men's Triple Jump  

Peniel RICHARD - Schedule

Time Event Status
Tue, 10 Apr 11:30
Men's Long Jump Qualifying Round - Group A
Thu, 12 Apr 10:30
Men's Triple Jump Qualifying Round - Group B

Biographical Information

Nickname: Niel (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)

Making music, piano (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)

Occupation: Student (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)
Education: Kinesiology at San Angelo State University, San Angelo, Texas, USA
Languages spoken: Tok Pisin, English (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)

NATIONAL: Phillip NEWTON (AUS) (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)

Other sports

Basketball (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)

Reason: "Introduced to it in high school and I've been doing it since, due to my love for it." (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)
Ambition: "To be amongst the world's best." (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)
Memorable: "Competing at the 2015 Australian Athletics Nationals." (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)
Hero: "Usain BOLT (JAM), due to how confident he is and inspiring to young athletes in terms of how he acts and speaks - plus he’s a great competitor." (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018;, 28 Nov 2017)
Influence: "Coach NEWTON (AUS), becuase he has pushed me past my best." (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018)
Ritual: "I like to listen to music whilst chilling out, 'Rocky' training montage is my favourite." (Athlete, 15 Feb 2018;, 28 Nov 2011)
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