Brittany CREW

Brittany CREW
Birth Date:  06 Mar 1994
Place of Birth:  MISSISSAUGA
Country of birth:  CAN
Age:  24
Gender:   Female
Height (cm):  178
Weight (Kg):  111

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
ATH Athletics Women's Shot Put 3 Bronze

Brittany CREW - Schedule

Time Event Status
Thu, 12 Apr 12:15
Women's Shot Put Qualifying Round - Group A
Fri, 13 Apr 20:40
Gold Medal Event Women's Shot Put Final

Biographical Information

Olympic Games
2016 Rio de Janeiro, BRA Women's Shot Put 18 17.45

World Championships
2017 London, GBR Women's Shot Put 6 18.21

Nickname: The Tank (, Oct 2017)

Playing the guitar, writing songs, karaoke, camping (, Oct 2017)

Occupation: Student (Athlete, Nov 2017)
Education: Health science at York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Languages spoken: English

PERSONAL: Richard PARKINSON (CAN) (, 4 Jul 2017)

Other sports

Soccer. Played at competitive level for 10 years but never at national level. (athlete, Nov 2017)

Reason: Initially wanted to play football but shifted her focus to shot put after being encouraged to try it by her high school coach. (, Oct 2017)
Ambition: “Would like to come out with a medal at the Commonwealth Games, and a PB would be a huge plus.? (Athlete, Nov 2017)
Memorable: “Placing sixth at the (2017) world championships and winning a World University Games gold medal.? (Athlete, Nov 2017)
Hero: “My mother. Being a single mother she sacrificed a lot in order to give me the best opportunity to succeed in sport. Throughout my childhood she almost never missed a game or competition.? (Athlete, Nov 2017)
Influence: “Coach Richard PARKINSON. He's really helped me grow as an athlete and as a person, and believed in me when I was at the lowest point in my life.? (Athlete, Nov 2017)
Ritual: Wears four-leaf clover necklace that her grandmother gave her. Also tries to watch a comedy the night before a competition. (, Oct 2017)
Additional information

In first year at university, tore the ulnar collateral ligament in her elbow. Unable to throw, she became depressed. "Self-esteem gets crushed when you can’t do what you want to do." Moved back to Toronto and started working two jobs. "Then every weekend I was partying because I’m injured." Living with her grandmother, who called Athletics Canada coach Richard PARKINSON, of York University, Toronto, where she then enrolled. With the help of PARKINSON and his wife Andria CASE, CREW made significant progression. "I feel like they’re my second parents." In 2016, won national title and selected for Rio 2016 Olympic Games. During the team announcement, she departed early: "I just got so overwhelmed. The tears were all the struggles and heartaches I went through to make the Olympics. I was just so proud of myself that I did it." (, 4 Jul 2017)

Broke Canadian national record in May 2017 with a put of 18.58m. At London 2017 World Championships, sixth in final, the best performance by a Canadian woman in the shot at a world championships. (, 10 Aug 2017;, Nov 2017)

At London 2017 World Championships, coach Richard PARKINSON one of many Canadians struck down by gastroenteritis and quarantined, making it impossible for him to be trackside. The team biomechanist filmed her competition puts and sent them back to her coach in the hotel, who gave instructions to a Canadian team coach in the arena, who relayed the feedback to CREW. (, 10 Aug 2017)

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