Andrew POZZI

Andrew POZZI
Birth Date:  15 May 1992
Place of Birth:  LEAMINGTON SPA
Country of birth:  GBR
Age:  25
Gender:   Men
Height (cm):  190
Weight (Kg):  81

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
ATH Athletics Men's 110m Hurdles 6

Andrew POZZI - Schedule

Time Event Status
Mon, 9 Apr 11:30
Men's 110m Hurdles Round 1 - Heat 1
Tue, 10 Apr 19:45
Gold Medal Event Men's 110m Hurdles Final

Biographical Information

Nickname: Andy
Education: Business at University of West England, Bristol

PERSONAL: Benke BLOMKVIST (SWE) (Athlete, Oct 2017)

Other sports

Played football and rugby at county level in England. (, 21 Apr 2012)


Hamstring injury forced him to pull up in 110m hurdles heat at London 2012 Olympic Games. Stress fractures in both feet since 2010, which particularly affected him in 2014 and 2015. (, 15 Dec 2015) Did not compete in 2013, 2014 and most of 2015 outdoor seasons; resumed racing in August 2015. (, Nov 2017;, 15 Dec 2015)

Hero: Chinese hurdler LIU Xiang, former USA basketballer, Michael JORDAN (, 26 Jun 2016;, 07 May 2012)
Additional information

Competing at London 2012 Olympic Games, pulled up in heat of 110m hurdles with hamstring injury. Then followed 1384 days without competing in an outdoor race due to injuries, requiring surgery. "London (2012 Olympics) was so overwhelming. It was a sour taste in my mouth. Imagine one of the worst things happening in your life in front of millions of people. I came away and questioned if I wanted to do that again." (, 5 Aug 17 and 3 Mar 17)

Overcame years of injury to win 60m hurdles at Belgrade 2017 European Indoor Championships. "At the toughest times and darkest days, I always believed I had what it took to be a medallist at major championships. I never gave up." (, 3 Mar 2017)

Considered a medal hope at London 2017 World Championships, led his semifinal until he clipped the ninth and penultimate hurdle, eventually placing fourth and failing to make final. (, 6 Aug 2017)

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