Birth Date:  09 Jan 1993
Place of Birth:  LIVERPOOL
Country of birth:  GBR
Age:  25
Gender:   Female
Height (cm):  183
Weight (Kg):  68

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
ATH Athletics Women's Heptathlon 1 Gold

Katarina JOHNSON-THOMPSON - Records

Record Event Mark Date Location
WHB   1.98 12 August, 2016 Rio de Janeiro (BRA)

Katarina JOHNSON-THOMPSON - Schedule

Time Event Status
Thu, 12 Apr 10:13
Women's Heptathlon 100m Hurdles - Heat 2
Thu, 12 Apr 11:00
Women's Heptathlon High Jump
Thu, 12 Apr 19:20
Women's Heptathlon Shot Put
Thu, 12 Apr 21:05
Women's Heptathlon 200m - Heat 2
Fri, 13 Apr 10:30
Women's Heptathlon Long Jump
Fri, 13 Apr 12:25
Women's Heptathlon Javelin Throw
Fri, 13 Apr 20:13
Gold Medal Event Women's Heptathlon 800m - Heat 2


WHB: World Heptathlon Best

Biographical Information

Olympic Games
2016 Rio de Janeiro, BRA Women's Heptathlon 6 6523
2012 London, GBR Women's Heptathlon 13 6267

World Championships
2017 London, GBR Women's High Jump 5 1.95
2017 London, GBR Women's Heptathlon 5 6558
2015 Beijing, CHN Women's Long Jump 11 6.63
2015 Beijing, CHN Women's Heptathlon 28 5039
2013 Moscow, RUS Women's Heptathlon 5 6449

Nickname: Kat, KJT (, 21 Dec 2011; Twitter profile, 26 Jun 2014)

Fashion, music, supporting Liverpool FC, watching television (, 21 Dec 2011;, 24 Jan 2016)

Occupation: Athlete
Education: John Moores University, Liverpool, England
Languages spoken: English

PERSONAL: Bertrand VALCIN (FRA), Jean-Yves COCHAND (FRA), Bruno GAJER (FRA) (, 21 May 2017)


Stress reaction in left foot ruled her out of Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and 2014 European Championships in Zurich, Switzerland. (, 28 Oct 2014) Knee injury in March 2015 hampered performances for two months and forced her to withdraw from 2015 Hypo-Meeting in Gotzis, Austria. (, 12 May 2015)

Reason: Started in the sport at primary school. Tried ballet and football, before switching to athletics. Broke a 29-year junior record in England in high jump with no prior training, so her mother took her to an athletics club. Drawn to heptathlon because it combines so many different sports. (, 22 Feb 2016;, 26 Jun 2014)
Ambition: Seven metres in the long jump, two metres in high jump. (, 2015)
Memorable: Competing at London 2012 Olympic Games, winning 2014 Hypo-Meeting in Gotzis, Austria, and becoming world number one. (, 04 Jul 2014; Facebook page, 09 Apr 2015)
Influence: Mother and grandmother (, 24 Jan 2016)
Ritual: Never wear gold or silver nail varnish. "This applies to colour bronze but that's not really a nice colour to wear anyway." (Facebook page, 09 Apr 2015) Psychological preparation starts about two weeks before competition. "I just run through each event, one by one, thinking about what could go wrong and how I'd overcome it. My coach always says, you can actually do a full training session just sitting on your couch." (, 2015)
Additional information

In silver-medal position after day one of heptathlon at Beijing 2015 World Championships but medal chances dashed after she scored no points from three foul jumps in long jump. Described her 800m performance in the heptathlon as a "walk of shame". Moved out of the athlete accommodation for a few days to get over her disappointment, and after an 11th-place finish in long jump, branded her week at the championships the worst of her life. (, 27 Aug 2015;, 31 Aug 2015;, 30 Aug 2015)

In September 2012, a month after her surprise inclusion for London 2012 Olympic Games, withdrew from studying for sports science degree at Liverpool John Moores University just three weeks into course to pursue athletics career full-time. (, 25 Mar 2013)

Considered quitting heptathlon after Rio 2016 to focus on high jump but could not walk away. "There’s no way I could live with myself at the end of my career (knowing) that I’d just give up on my dream." (, 18 Jul 2017)

In December 2016, moved from Liverpool to Montpellier to train with elite squad that included Rio Olympic decathlon silver medallist and 2017 world champion Kevin MAYER (FRA) and two-time European heptathlon champion Antoinette Nana DJIMOU IDA (FRA), and new coaches Bertrand VALCIN (FRA), Jean-Yves COCHAND (FRA) and Bruno GAJER (FRA). (, 18 Jul 2017)

Raised by her mother as an only child and occasionally sees her Bahamian father. (, 2015)

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