Emmanuel FAKIYE

Emmanuel FAKIYE
Birth Date:  27 Jan 1997
Place of Birth:  LONDON
Country of birth:  GBR
Age:  21
Gender:   Men
Height (cm):  186
Weight (Kg):  79

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
ATH Athletics Men's Triple Jump  

Emmanuel FAKIYE - Schedule

Time Event Status
Thu, 12 Apr 10:30
Men's Triple Jump Qualifying Round - Group A

Biographical Information

Nickname: The Big E, Manny, Eman (Athlete, 5 Mar 2018)

Playing video games, watching people play video games on YouTube. (Athlete, 5 Mar 2018)

Occupation: Student, athlete (Athlete, 5 Mar 2018)
Education: Electrical engineering at University of Technology, Sydney
Languages spoken: English

PERSONAL: Alex STEWART, Nicole BOEGMAN-STEWART (Athlete, 5 Mar 2018)

Sporting relatives

Brother Patrick is a 100m sprinter and eighth-fastest at 2010 IAAF World Junior Championships in Moncton, Canada, becoming first Australian in 30 years to make a final. (Athlete, 5 Mar 2018)

Reason: Showed ability when asked to try out in high school. (Athlete, 5 Mar 2018)
Ambition: Just having fun and competing, leaving it all on the field. Making the finals of Commonwealth Games and winning a medal. Making more international teams. (Athlete, 5 Mar 2018)
Memorable: Winning national open triple jump title. (Gold Coast 2018 Australian Athletics Championships) (Athlete, 5 Mar 2018)
Influence: Lebron JAMES, Saint Nick (FOLES), the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, supercars driver Jamie WHINCUP, American footballer Tom BRADY. (Athlete, 5 Mar 2018)
Ritual: Shower with music playing in the background, just before competition listen to music again. (Athlete, 5 Mar 2018)
Additional information

Used athletics to keep fit for football at Marist College Eastwood. Started sprinting because his brother was the first Australian in the 24-year history of the world juniors to make the men’s 100m final at the 2010 IAAF World Junior Championships, in Moncton, Canada. (Athlete, 5 Mar 2018)

After competing in sprints at national juniors at age 14, tried triple jump at Little Athletics at North Rocks Carlingford in the U15s. "That’s where I first tried triple jump but wasn’t sure how to do it." Still playing soccer, so athletics was not a priority. "Then my dad told me NSWIS was holding a jumps seminar. That’s where it pretty much all began." (Athlete, 5 Mar 2018)

"During year 11 and 12 I stopped all sport to concentrate on HSC, then started to take athletics seriously post-HSC. Since I started university it has been four years of non-stop training, catching up on lost time and opportunities." (Athlete, 5 Mar 2018)

Born in London, England, he has Nigerian heritage. (Athlete, 5 Mar 2018)

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