Cycling Mountain Bike
Birth Date:  18 Sep 1996
Place of Birth:  CARLUKE
Country of birth:  GBR
Age:  21
Gender:   Female
Height (cm):  153
Weight (Kg):  48

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
MTB Cycling Mountain Bike Women's Cross-country 5

Isla SHORT - Schedule

Start Time Event Status
Thu, 12 Apr 10:31
Gold Medal Event Women's Cross-country

Biographical Information

Nickname: Fire girl (Omxprobike, 16/06/2017)
Occupation: Athlete (, 16/06/2017)
Education: French at University of Stirling, Scotland
Languages spoken: English
Sporting relatives: Father has raced mountain bikes. (, 03 Dec 2014)
Other sports: Cyclo-cross (, 06 Jan 2017)
Injuries: Collided with a car, broke a collarbone and fractured the T4 and T8 vertebrae in her back in 2013. Could not race for eight weeks. "It set me back in terms of my technical riding because I was scared of hurting my back again. My confidence took a big knock." (, 01 May 2015)
Reason: "My dad has always raced mountain bikes. In 2011, I raced the whole national series. I did quite well, but just rode my bike for fun. It’s easy to get away with no training at age 13. I didn’t consider it to be a career option until a year later, when I spent a week in Austria at the European Youth Champs. I’ve learnt that me and my cycling can get through anything together. I love it." (, 03 Dec 2014)
Ambition: "My ultimate goal is to be satisfied with my journey in cycling. When I stop wanting more I’ll be happy." (, 16 Jun 2017)
Memorable: "I’m really proud of how I raced The Maja Włoszczowska Trophy in September 2016. The week before I’d had a really disapointing race at Andorra World Cup, so my expectations were low. I was last off the start due to a rider crashing, and worked my way to eighth place in a high class field, beating some big names." (, 16 Jun 2017)
Influence: "Anybody who’s ever had to fight to achieve their ambitions. It’s a tough old sporting world, and without sounding daft, I inspire myself. After coming back from a serious injury last year, it’s incredible to look and back and see how far I’ve come if I’m feeling negative. That’s all the motivation I need." (, 3 Dec 2014)
Ritual: "Staying in a Premier Inn helps me to prepare for a race because I only ever go to them on race weekends so it’s all very familiar. Even the smell helps me. I go very quiet leading up to a race, I like to keep to myself and get things done. But I’m not very good at not thinking about the race - if my race is in the afternoon I’ll spend the whole morning worrying. To be honest, I’m not very good at mental preparation. Better at the physical side." (, 3 Dec 2014)
Additional information

At a Norwegian race someone in the crowd shouted "Go firegirl", which resonates with her red hair. (heraldscotlandcom, 01 May 2015)

Studied the harp for four years at a specialist music school and wanted to be a professional musician. Also plays the piano. (, 16 Jun 2017;, 16 Jun 2017)

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