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Birth Date:  22 Nov 1993
Place of Birth:  MARKHAM
Country of birth:  CAN
Age:  24
Gender:   Female
Height (cm):  170
Weight (Kg):  55

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
MTB Cycling Mountain Bike Women's Cross-country 3 Bronze

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Start Time Event Status
Thu, 12 Apr 10:31
Gold Medal Event Women's Cross-country

Biographical Information

World Championships
2016 Nove Mesto na Morave, CZE Women's Cross Country 42 -
2017 Cairns, AUS Women's Cross Country 16 6.21

Hobbies: "I grew up dancing and have always loved to express myself that way. Now, I spend my downtime practicing yoga, playing guitar, cooking and baking, and I (always) have a book on the go." (, 13 Jun 2017)
Occupation: Athlete, Cam's kids ambassador and mental health advocate (, 13 Jun 2017)
Education: Science, specialising in kinesiology, at Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada
Languages spoken: English
Reason: "My brother and dad took me out (as a teenager) initially, and it soon became a love affair of my own. I loved the feeling of the pain in my legs, the adrenalin rush of the speed, and the calming aspects of being in nature all at the same time." (, 13 Jun 2017)
Memorable: "It’s a tie, between my first top 10 World Cup in the Czech Republic in 2015 and winning the U23 national championship in the same year – both incredibly special performances for me." (, 13 Jun 2017)
Additional information

"The size and shape of my thumbs. They are two drastically different sizes. Seriously, my hands don’t look like they could both belong to the same person." (, 13 Jun 2017)

"For a long time, I thought that I was the farthest thing from normal. In fact, for the majority of my teen years, I was convinced that I was 'broken'. You see, I had always struggled an abnormally large amount with anxiety. I recall experiencing crippling anxiety as young as eight years old. Things that wouldn't faze another kid would turn me into a nervous, dithering mess. (, 13 Jun 2017)

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