Cycling Mountain Bike
Birth Date:  11 Mar 1997
Place of Birth:  WORCHESTER
Country of birth:  GBR
Age:  21
Gender:   Female
Height (cm):  164
Weight (Kg):  57

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
MTB Cycling Mountain Bike Women's Cross-country 2 Silver

Evie RICHARDS - Schedule

Start Time Event Status
Thu, 12 Apr 10:31
Gold Medal Event Women's Cross-country

Biographical Information

Occupation: Athlete (Facebook page, 26/03/2017)
Languages spoken: English
Coach: NATIONAL: Simon WATTS (ENG) (, 22/05/2017;, 01/09/2016)
Injuries: Small break in right arm. (, 24/01/2016)
Reason: "I was competing at a high level of hockey and told to take up another sport to maintain my fitness." (, 05/06/2017)
Ambition: "I have always dreamt of winning a medal in the Olympics, but the Commonwealth Games is obviously another big goal to podium at." (, 13/04/2017)
Memorable: "Cross Worlds would have to be my favourite race. Everything came together perfectly, I was so focused I never thought about how cold it was or how hard I was pushing. However, the MTB (Junior) Worlds in Andorra (winning silver in 2015) was amazing, as around 20 friends and family flew out to cheer me on. It was so special to share the experience with them. My grandad has Parkinson's, so normally struggles to watch me race, and my older sister, who had never watched me race before, were both crying." ( 5 Jun 2017)
Hero: Cyclists Liam KILLEEN (ENG) and Tracy MOSELEY (ENG) (, 05/06/2017)
Influence: "I got into cycling with the support of Liam KILLEEN and Tracy MOSELEY and I couldn’t pick between them as they are both my idols." (, 13/04/2017)
Additional information

"We are so lucky to have such amazing female role models on the bike, but I think Laura TROTT (ENG) is just amazing. She always looks so happy and like she is enjoying herself, which I think is so important. And then you add on top all of her success and I think it's just incredible." (, 05/06/2017)

"Doubles volleyball. I love being on the beach and being part of a team, but I would be rubbish at it." (, 13/04/2017)

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