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Birth Date:  26 Sep 1991
Place of Birth:  PAARL
Country of birth:  RSA
Age:  26
Gender:   Men
Height (cm):  174
Weight (Kg):  65

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
CRD Cycling Road Men's Road Race 3 Bronze

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Biographical Information

World Championships
2016 Doha, QAT Road Race DNF

Nickname: Makaveli (Facebook, 2 Feb 2018)
Occupation: Marketing and brand ambassador at Team BCX Cycling (Facebook, 2 Feb 2018)
Education: Marketing management at Oxbridge Academy, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Languages spoken: English, Afrikaans

Noticed something wasn't right curing the Carousel Classic in 2011. "I was suffering, it felt like I was riding in slow motion." Scans revealed a blood clot from his neck down to his arm. "They told me if that thing breaks down, that's you dead right on the spot." Put on warfarin, a blood-thinner that would break down the clot safely. Unable to train for six months. (, 9 Mar 2017)

Reason: His father worked in a bike shop and cycled at indoor track events in his free time. "My dad would get us parts at a discount. I told him I wanted to start cycling seriously. He said if I do this, I need to commit." (, 9 Mar 2017)
Additional information

2016 Cape Town Cycle Tour champion. "It's been a long time coming, I've come second and third, so I'm very happy to pull this one off." (, 6 Mar 2016)
2017 aQuelle Tour Durban champion. (Twitter, 2 Feb 2018)

"I wanted to make a living between the mountains, on the road, I want to clock in for work and know I'll be moving. There's just something about cycling on the road. Your lungs are pumping, you're soaking in your surroundings... it centres you. It doesn't matter if you're angry or sad, cycling is like therapy." (, 9 Mar 2017)

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