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Birth Date:  22 Jun 1973
Place of Birth:  PAISLEY
Country of birth:  GBR
Age:  44
Gender:   Female
Sport Class

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
CTR Cycling Track Women's B&VI Sprint 3
Women's B&VI 1000m TT 3

Aileen MCGLYNN - Schedule

Time Event Status
Thu, 5 Apr 14:32
Women's B&VI Sprint Qualifying
Sat, 7 Apr 18:48
Gold Medal Event Women's B&VI 1000m TT Final

Biographical Information

Commonwealth Games
2014 Glasgow, SCO Women 1km Time Trial B2 Tandem 2
2014 Glasgow, SCO Women Sprint B2 Tandem 2

Paralympic Games
2012 London, GBR Women Elite 1km Time Trial B 2 1:09.469
2012 London, GBR Women Elite Individual Pursuit B 3 -
2008 Beijing, CHN Women Track 1km Time Trial BVI 1 -
2008 Beijing, CHN Women Track Individual Pursuit BVI 1 -
2004 Athens, GRE Women Track 1km Time Trial Tandem B1-3 1 -
2004 Athens, GRE Women Track Sprint Tandem B1-3 2 -

Road World Championships
2007 Bordeaux, FRA Women 1km Time Trial BVI 1 1:10:54
2007 Bordeaux, FRA Women Individual Pursuit Tandem BVI 1 3:40:63

Track World Championships
2017 Los Angeles, USA 1km Time Trial Tandem Women Elite 2 3:40.631
2017 Los Angeles, USA Individual Pursuit Tandem Women Elite 6 3:47.939
2017 Los Angeles, USA Sprint Tandem Women Elite 3 -
2011 Motichiari, ITA 1km Time Trial B Women Elite 2 -
2011 Motichiari, ITA Women Elite Individual Pursuit B 8 -
2009 Manchester, GBR Women Elite 1km Time Trial BVI 1 -
2009 Manchester, GBR Women Elite Individual Pursuit BVI 3 -

Occupation: Athlete (, 21 Feb 2018)
Education: Mathmatics, statistics and management science at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland
Languages spoken: English

PERSONAL: Kevin STEWART (SCO) (, 21 Feb 2018)

Position style: Para track cyclist
Other sports

Represented Great Britain in road cycling. (, 21 Feb 2018)

Reason: Began cycling at the age of six. "When I first got on a bike I remember thinking, what will I do when I grow up, because I didn't know adults cycled." (, 2 May 2011)
Memorable: "Standing on the top step of the podium at the Athens 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games, listening to the national anthem. I had won my first ever Paralympic gold medal." (, 21 Feb 2018)
Additional information

Born with albinism and registered blind. Her eyes are painfully sensitive to light and lenses cannot focus properly. (, 2 May 2011)

Tandem piolted by Ellen HUNTER until 2009, then Helen SCOTT until 2012, and is currently piloted by Louise HASTON. (, 21 Feb 2018)

Gold in the 1km time trial and silver in the tandem sprint at the Athens 2004 Paralympics. (, 21 Feb 2018)
Gold in the 1km at the Beijing 2008 Paralympics. (, 21 Feb 2018;, 21 Feb 2018)
Silver medallist at the 2009 UCI World Road Championships. (, 21 Feb 2018)

Took home two silver medals at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. (, 21 Feb 2018;, 21 Feb 2018)

Awarded a Member of the Order of the British Empire [MBE] after the Athens Paralympics, appointed Officer of the British Empire [OBE] in the 2009 new year honours. (, 21 Feb 2018)

Partner Graeme HINCHCLIFFE proposed to her after she placed second in the 1000m time trial B tandem. She said yes. (, 28vJul 201)

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