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Birth Date:  14 Nov 1990
Place of Birth:  EDINBURGH
Country of birth:  GBR
Age:  27
Gender:   Men
Height (cm):  190
Weight (Kg):  79

Events and Medals

John ARCHIBALD - Schedule

Time Event Status
Fri, 6 Apr 15:17
Men's 4000m Individual Pursuit Qualifying
Fri, 6 Apr 20:31
Gold Medal Event Men's 4000m Individual Pursuit Finals - Gold
Sat, 7 Apr 15:21
Men's 15km Scratch Race Qualifying Round - Heat 1
Sat, 7 Apr 21:47
Gold Medal Event Men's 15km Scratch Race Finals
Sun, 8 Apr 18:12
Men's 40km Points Race Qualifying Round - Heat 2
Sun, 8 Apr 21:01
Gold Medal Event Men's 40km Points Race Finals

Biographical Information

Occupation: Athlete (, 14 Feb 2018)
Languages spoken: English
Sporting relatives

Sister, Katie ARCHIBALD (SCO), is a track cyclist who represents Scotland and Great Britain. (, 14 Feb 2018;, 29 Jan 2018)

Other sports

From the age of 11 to 21 he swam competitively and won silverware on the national stage. "I took swimming pretty seriously and really enjoyed the training. I really wanted to do well and if I'd had the opportunity to go to a Commonwealth Games as a swimmer, I would have jumped at it. But I was never good enough." (, 5 Nov 2017) Competes as a road cyclist for Ribble Cycling. (, 29 Jan 2018; The Real Cycling Channel Youtube, 4 Feb 2018)

Reason: Began commuting to work on his bike and never looked back. (, 5 Nov 2017)
Ambition: Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. "I'm hoping to do possibly all the track events: individual pursuit, scratch race and points race. And the likelihood is there will be road race spots as well, for the time trial and the road race." (, 16 Feb 2018)
Additional information

At the end of the road season in 2017, decided to make the move to track. "When the road racing season came to an end, Scottish Cycling approached me and asked if I'd be interested in doing any track work. So, for the last 15 weeks or so, I've been giving it a shot." (, 5 Nov 2017)

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