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Birth Date:  14 Mar 1986
Place of Birth:  GEELONG
Country of birth:  AUS
Age:  32
Gender:   Female
Sport Class

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
CTR Cycling Track Women's B&VI Sprint 2
Women's B&VI 1000m TT 2

Jessica GALLAGHER - Schedule

Time Event Status
Thu, 5 Apr 14:32
Women's B&VI Sprint Qualifying
Sat, 7 Apr 18:48
Gold Medal Event Women's B&VI 1000m TT Final

Biographical Information

Paralympic Games
2016 Rio de Janeiro, BRA Women Elite 1km Time Trial B 3 1:08.171

Track World Championships
2016 Montichiari, ITA 1km Time Trial Tandem Women Elite 3
2016 Montichiari, ITA Sprint Tandem Women Elite 1
2018 Rio de Janeiro, BRA 1km Time Trial Tandem Women Elite 2
2018 Rio de Janeiro, BRA Sprint Tandem Women Elite 2
2017 Los Angeles, USA Sprint Tandem Women Elite 4

Nickname: Jess (, 3 Oct 2017)
Occupation: Athlete and osteopath (, 3 Oct 2017)
Education: Osteopathic medicine/osteopathy (Masters) at RMIT University, Victoria, Australia
Languages spoken: English

PERSONAL: Glenn DONEY (AUS) (, 3 Oct 2017)
NATIONAL: Peter DAY (AUS) (, 3 Oct 2017)

Other sports

As a junior growing up in Geelong, represented Victoria in netball and basketball. Was named as an emergency for the Australian U16 netball team. (, 3 Oct 20107)

Vancouver 2010 Winter Paralympics - slalom bronze medalist. (, 3 Oct 2017)
London 2012 Paralympics - long jump fifth place and javelin sixth place. (, 3 Oct 2017)
Sochi 2014 Winter Paralympics - giant slalom bronze medalist. (, 3 Oct 2017)


Torn meniscus six weeks out from the London 2012 Paralympics, but still compteted and finished fifth in the long jump and sixth in the javelin. (, 3 Oct 2017)

Reason: "I was looking to a new sport and just fell in love with track cycling. It has a few of the similar elements to skiing - speed and adrenaline, so I'm loving it." (, 31 May 2016)
Memorable: "Becoming Australia's first female representative to medal at the Winter Paralympic Games." (, 3 Oct 2017)
Additional information

Vision impairment - Stargardt's macular dystrophy. Diagnosed with the rare eye disease in Year 12. Classification B3. (, 3 Oct 2017;, 3 Oct 2017)

Became the first Australian Para-athlete to medal in both summer and winter sports at an international level. Winning bronze in the slalom at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Paralympics and bronze in the 1km time trial at the Rio 2016 Paralympics. (, 3 Oct 2017)

Was due to compete at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics in long jump, discus, shot put and the 100m sprint, but the day before the Opening Ceremony, Paralympic classifiers determined her right eye to be 0.1 of a degree too sighted to compete. (, 3 Oct 2017)

Bronze medalist in the 1km time trial at the 2016 UCI Para-cycling World Championships in Montichiari, Italy with pilot Madison JANSSEN (AUS). (, 3 Oct 2017) Bronze medalist in the 1km time trial at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games, with pilot Madison JANSSEN (ASU). (, 3 Oct 2017)

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