Mark LEE

Mark LEE
Birth Date:  19 Aug 1994
Place of Birth:  SINGAPORE
Country of birth:  SGP
Age:  23
Gender:   Men
Height (cm):  173

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
DIV Diving Men's 1m Springboard 9
Men's 3m Springboard 10

Mark LEE - Schedule

Time Event Status
Wed, 11 Apr 10:07
Men's 1m Springboard Preliminary
Wed, 11 Apr 19:07
Gold Medal Event Men's 1m Springboard Final
Thu, 12 Apr 10:07
Men's 3m Springboard Preliminary
Thu, 12 Apr 19:07
Gold Medal Event Men's 3m Springboard Final

Biographical Information

World Championships
Year Location Discipline Rank Points
2017 Budapest, HUN Men's Synchronised 3m Springboard 17 335.52

Nickname: Marko (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)

Cafe hopping (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)

Occupation: Student (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)
Education: Business management at Singapore Management University. Exercise and sports science at Republic Polytechnic, Singapore
Languages spoken: English

NATIONAL: Shannon ROY (AUS) (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)

Sporting relatives

Twin brother Timothy also a diver (, 11 Jun 2017)


Hit left foot on diving board during training, August 2014, needed surgery. Unable to walk for almost two months. (, 30 Aug 2014; Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)

Reason: Gymnast prior to diving. Singapore Diving put an article in newspaper looking for gymnasts interested in crossing over. Decided to have a go. (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)
Ambition: Compete at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)
Memorable: Competing in synchronised 3m springboard final at 20th FINA Diving World Cup in Shanghai, China, July 2014. (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)
Hero: Olympic champion diver Jack LAUGHER (ENG). “He is a strong, confident and consistent diver.â€? (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)
Influence: Twin brother Timothy. “We’ve been in the sport together for a long time, and been there for each other in good times and bad. We share a common vision to go to the Olympic Games and are determined to make it happen.â€? (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)
Ritual: â€œI would usually thump my chest to psych myself up for the dive. Also make sure that my hands are wet before I dive.â€? (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)
Additional information

Partners twin brother Timothy in synchronised 3m springboard. "We've seen some other teams having to practise a lot together just to get their rhythm right. But for Tim and I, it comes quite naturally." (, 24 May 2015)

Received a Sports Excellence Scholarship from Singapore Sports Institute, 2017. (Yahoo Sports Singapore, 17 Mar 2017)

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