Birth Date:  12 May 1995
Place of Birth:  Leeds
Country of birth:  GBR
Age:  22
Gender:   Men
Height (cm):  190

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
DIV Diving Men's 1m Springboard 4
Men's 3m Springboard 7

Yona KNIGHT-WISDOM - Schedule

Time Event Status
Wed, 11 Apr 10:07
Men's 1m Springboard Preliminary
Wed, 11 Apr 19:07
Gold Medal Event Men's 1m Springboard Final
Thu, 12 Apr 10:07
Men's 3m Springboard Preliminary
Thu, 12 Apr 19:07
Gold Medal Event Men's 3m Springboard Final

Biographical Information

Commonwealth Games
Year Location Discipline Rank Points
2014 Glasgow, SCO Men's 3m Springboard 11 360.9
2014 Glasgow, SCO Men's 1m Springboard 5 391.2

Olympic Games
Year Location Discipline Rank Points
2016 Rio de Janeiro, BRA Men's 3m Springboard 14 381.4

World Championships
Year Location Discipline Rank Points
2017 Budapest, HUN Men's 1m Springboard 32 310.25
2017 Budapest, HUN Men's 3m Springboard 29 385
2015 Kazan, RUS Men's 1m Springboard 19 335.95
2015 Kazan, RUS Men's 3m Springboard 37 356.3
2013 Barcelona, ESP Men's 1m Springboard 23 311.55
2013 Barcelona, ESP Men's 3m Springboard 34 339.3

Nickname: The Big Man (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)

YouTube vlogging, filming, editing (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)

Occupation: Athlete (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)
Education: Sports and exercise science at Leeds Beckett University, England
Languages spoken: English

PERSONAL: Edwin JONGEJANS (NED) (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)

Sporting relatives

Cousin Andre WISDOM has played for English Premier League football clubs, including Liverpool. (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)

Other sports

Former gymnast. (, 23 Feb 2016)


Tendinitis in right knee, which developed from Osgood-Schlatter disease in 2009. (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)

Reason: “I did gymnastics for nearly four years before I started diving. In 2004, when I was nine, the diving club from Leeds came to my school and did some gymnastic tests. I was quite good and they selected me to come and trial at the pool." (, 27 Oct 2012; Athlete 6 Nov 2017)
Ambition: Aims for 400 points every competition. Also aims to be a sporting icon. (, 17 Aug 2016; Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)
Memorable: Qualifying for Rio Olympic Games in 2016 and silver medal at World Cup in 2016. (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)
Hero: Jamaican sprinter Usain BOLT. “He did an amazing thing for Jamaica and is a sporting legend.? (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)
Influence: Personal coach Edwin JONGEJANS and former coach Andy BANKS. “They showed faith in me when not many did, which kept me motivated to achieve my dreams." (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)
Ritual: Listening to music. (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)
Additional information

Born in Leeds, England, eligible to compete for Great Britain at Olympic Games, mother's homeland of Barbados, and father's native country of Jamaica. Chose Jamaica, which allowed him more funding and better chance of international competition. Senior international debut for Jamaica at competition in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. (, 25 Jun 2014;, 31 Jul 2014;, 7 Jun 2017)

First male Jamaican diver to compete at Olympic Games, in 3m springboard at Rio 2016. Finished 14th in semifinal and missed out on the final by eight points. (, 7 Jun 2017)

Height limits his diving capability. "I've felt that (limitation) for my whole diving career. I've always not been able to do the difficult dives that, for example, Jack (LAUGHER, ENG) and James (DENNY, ENG) can do, but I somehow manage to dive as well as I do." (, 31 Jul 2014)

To compete at Rio 2016 Olympic Games, needed financial support and asked for help from British-Jamaican musician and sauce maker, Levi ROOTS. "I sent him an email and video of my dives, and they asked to meet me in London. They were happy to give me money for the next four years in the run-up to the Olympics. ROOTS was really impressed with my story. He’s nice and chilled out, just like how I am." ROOTS still assists him as a sponsor. (, 29 Mar 2013;, 23 Jul 2016; Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)

As diving is not a popular sport in Jamaica, his story has been compared to that of the Jamaican bobsled team. "The other countries in the diving community love joking about that. And it is, in reality, a very similar story - a sport that is really unheard of in Jamaica and I came out of nowhere and made the Olympic Games. It’s kind of crazy." (, 12 Nov 2017)

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