Melissa WU

Melissa WU
Birth Date:  03 May 1992
Place of Birth:  PENRITH
Country of birth:  AUS
Age:  25
Gender:   Female
Height (cm):  153

Events and Medals

Melissa WU - Schedule

Time Event Status
Wed, 11 Apr 21:29
Gold Medal Event Women's Synchronised 10m Platform Final
Thu, 12 Apr 12:04
Women's 10m Platform Preliminary
Thu, 12 Apr 21:14
Gold Medal Event Women's 10m Platform Final

Biographical Information

Commonwealth Games
Year Location Discipline Rank Points
2014 Glasgow, SCO Women's 10m Platform 11 259.2
2014 Glasgow, SCO Women's Synchronized 10m Platform 5 292.5
2010 Delhi, IND Women's 10m Platform 2 369.5
2010 Delhi, IND Women's Synchronized 10m Platform 1 335.76
2006 Melbourne, AUS Women's 10m Platform 5 670.4
2006 Melbourne, AUS Women's Synchronized 10m Platform 2 309.9

Olympic Games
Year Location Discipline Rank Points
2016 Rio de Janeiro, BRA Women's 10m Platform 5 342.8
2012 London, GBR Women's 10m Platform 4 358.1
2008 Beijing, CHN Women's 10m Platform 6 338.15
2008 Beijing, CHN Women's Synchronised 10m Platform 2 335.16

World Championships
Year Location Discipline Rank Points
2017 Budapest, HUN Women's 10m Platform 5 370.2
2017 Budapest, HUN Mixed 3m & 10m Team 12 325.35
2017 Budapest, HUN Mixed Synchronised 10m Platform 7 306.3
2017 Budapest, HUN Women's Synchronised 10m Platform 5 308.1
2015 Kazan, RUS Women's 10m Platform 5 364.2
2015 Kazan, RUS Mixed Synchronised 10m Platform 3 308.22
2015 Kazan, RUS Women's Synchronised 10m Platform 8 302.22
2011 Shanghai, CHN Women's Synchronised 10m Platform 2 325.92
2009 Rome, ITA Women's 10m Platform 11 329.75
2009 Rome, ITA Women's Synchronised 10m Platform 5 320.58
2007 Melbourne, AUS Women's 10m Platform 11 282.15
2007 Melbourne, AUS Women's Synchronised 10m Platform 2 324

Nickname: Mel, Woodles (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017;, May 2016;, 25 May 2017)

Reading, playing drums, piano, skateboarding (, 25 May 2017; Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)

Occupation: Athlete, student (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)
Education: Commerce at Macquarie University, NSW, Australia
Languages spoken: English

PERSONAL/NATIONAL: Chava SOBRINO (MEX) (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)

Sporting relatives

Younger brother Josh and younger sister Madeline represented Australia at 2016 World Junior Weightlifting Championships in Tbilisi, Georgia. Rugby sevens player James STANNARD (AUS) is her cousin, and hurdler/bobsleigher Jana PITTMAN (AUS) a second cousin. (, 26 Aug 2016;, 7 Mar 2006;, 1 Aug 2016, Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)


Two stress fractures and a disc bulge in her back, as well as a wrist injury (difficult to overcome because she is a platform diver) in early 2017. In December 2017, forced to pull out of Commonwealth Games trials after an MRI detected four bulging discs in neck. (, 6 Dec 2017;, 14 Nov 2017)

Reason: “I was always drawn to it as a kid and loved seeing the divers training at Sydney Olympic Park. I watched the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games on TV as a child, which inspired me to start diving.? (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)
Ambition: Olympic gold medal. (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)
Memorable: Silver medal in synchronised 10m platform at Beijing 2008 Olympic Games at age 16. (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)
Hero: Swiss tennis player Roger FEDERER. "An amazing athlete and role model. I aspire to be the type of athlete he is." (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)
Influence: Family. “They support me no matter what and are there through all the ups and downs, competitions and everyday life." (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)
Ritual: "Between dives I listen to music and play Sudoku puzzles to relax." (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)
Additional information

Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games ambassador for diving. (, 12 Jul 2017)

Took time out from sport when younger sister Kirsten took her own life in 2014. (, 18 Aug 2016;, 28 Oct 2015)

Problems on joining the Australian diving team. "I felt that some of the other athletes didn't want to accept me." (, 14 Dec 2016)

Olympic rings in the shape of hearts tatooed on top of her right leg. Her personal motto is tattooed on her left rib: 'Only as much as I dream, can I be.' (, May 2016)

Qualified personal trainer, and strength and conditioning coach. (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)

Loves exercise/running shoes. Owns 20 pairs. (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)

Certificate IV in fitness, diploma of nutrition and dietetics. (Athlete, 6 Nov 2017)

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