Jacobus DU TOIT

Jacobus DU TOIT
Birth Date:  15 Dec 1989
Place of Birth:  JOHANNESBURG
Country of birth:  RSA
Age:  28
Gender:   Men
Height (cm):  177
Weight (Kg):  81

Events and Medals

Jacobus DU TOIT - Schedule

Time Event Status
Mon, 9 Apr 10:00
Queen's Prize Pairs Finals Day 1
Tue, 10 Apr 10:00
Gold Medal Event Queen's Prize Pairs Finals Day 2
Wed, 11 Apr 10:00
Queen's Prize Individual Finals Day 1
Thu, 12 Apr 10:00
Queen's Prize Individual Finals Day 2
Sat, 14 Apr 10:00
Gold Medal Event Queen's Prize Individual Finals Day 3

Biographical Information

Nickname: Andre (Athlete, 30 Oct 2017)

Mountain biking, triathlon (Athlete, 30 Oct 2017)

Occupation: Financial accountant (Athlete, 30 Oct 2017)
Education: Accounting at University of Johannesburg, South Africa
Languages spoken: Afrikaans, English
Position style: Right hand, right eye
Sporting relatives

Father Johannes contested fullbore events at Melbourne 2006 and Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, and won gold medal at 2005 Commonwealth Shooting Championships. (Athlete, 30 Oct 2017)

Reason: "It is a family sport - grandfather, father and brothers all shoot actively. Great international competitiveness creates something that I enjoy." (Athlete, 30 Oct 2017)
Ambition: "To be respected and talked about with friends while being world champion." (Athlete, 30 Oct 2017)
Memorable: Becoming junior U25 world champion and taking an open class silver medal at the World Long Range Championship in Australia in 2011." (Athlete, 30 Oct 2017)
Hero: Father Johannes. "He is a great mentor and friend." (Athlete, 30 Oct 2017)
Ritual: Have a good laugh with friends. (Athlete, 30 Oct 2017)
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