Alexandra SKEGGS

Alexandra SKEGGS
Birth Date:  21 Oct 1982
Place of Birth:  CHERTSEY
Country of birth:  GBR
Age:  35
Gender:   Female

Weight (Kg):  0

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
SHO Shooting Women's Skeet 10

Alexandra SKEGGS - Schedule

Time Event Status
Sun, 8 Apr 9:00
Women's Skeet Qualification

Biographical Information


Playing polo (Athlete, 27 Oct 2017)

Occupation: Managing director at KPMG (Athlete, 27 Oct 2017)
Education: Mathematics at Durham University, England
Languages spoken: English

CLUB: David DALE (ENG) (Athlete, 27 Oct 2017)

Position style: Left hand, left eye
Other sports

Plays polo and owns three horses. (Athlete, 27 Oct 2017)

Reason: Tried English sporting at Bisley Shooting Ground and loved it. (Athlete, 27 Oct 2017)
Ambition: "To win a medal at the Commonwealth and Olympic Games." (Athlete, 27 Oct 2017)
Memorable: "Meeting the final qualifying score for the Commonwealth Games (Gold Coast 2018) in September 2017, and winning medals at the world championships in English sporting 2015, 2016 and 2017." (Athlete, 27 Oct 2017)
Hero: Leonardo Da VINCI. (Athlete, 27 Oct 2017)
Influence: Brother James . “He convinced me to switch to left-hand shooting due to left master eye. It enables me to shoot with both eyes open." (Athlete, 27 Oct 2017)
Ritual: "I take a moment to long for the clay, then deep breath and go." (Athlete, 27 Oct 2017)
Additional information

Started with English sporting and added Olympic skeet to her shooting repertoire. With ambitions of making the Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games, switched permanently to Olympic skeet in April 2017. (Athlete, 27 Oct 2017)

Worked for 12 years in investment banking. (Athlete, 27 Oct 2017)

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