Alexander WALKER

Alexander WALKER
Birth Date:  12 Feb 1987
Place of Birth:  LONDON
Country of birth:  GBR
Age:  31
Gender:   Men
Height (cm):  199
Weight (Kg):  0

Events and Medals

Alexander WALKER - Schedule

Time Event Status
Mon, 9 Apr 10:00
Queen's Prize Pairs Finals Day 1
Tue, 10 Apr 10:00
Gold Medal Event Queen's Prize Pairs Finals Day 2
Wed, 11 Apr 10:00
Queen's Prize Individual Finals Day 1
Thu, 12 Apr 10:00
Queen's Prize Individual Finals Day 2
Sat, 14 Apr 10:00
Gold Medal Event Queen's Prize Individual Finals Day 3

Biographical Information

Nickname: Sandy (Athlete, 16 Oct 2017)

Sailing, singing, socialising (Athlete, 16 Oct 2017)

Occupation: Chartered surveyor (Athlete, 16 Oct 2017)
Education: Music (Hons) at Bristol University, England; real estate (Masters) at Reading University, England
Languages spoken: English

NATIONAL: Lindsay PEDEN (SCO) (Athlete, 16 Oct 2017)

Position style: Right hand, right eye

Disolcated left patella (kneecap) playing cricket. (Athlete, 16 Oct 2017)

Reason: Had a sports injury. (Athlete, 16 Oct 2017)
Ambition: Winning a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games and world championships. Winning the Queen’s Prize and the Bisley Grand Aggregate. (Athlete, 16 Oct 2017)
Memorable: Winning St George's Prize in 2016 and U25 gold at world championships in 2007. (Athlete, 16 Oct 2017)
Hero: English fullbore shooter Parag PATEL. “As I was starting out, he won the Bisley Grand Aggregate twice in three years.? (Athlete, 16 Oct 2017)
Influence: First shooting coach at Framlingham College, Malcom TODD. “He gave me the first opportunity to take up the sport and encouraged me to train as much as possible at school. He sacrificed his own weekends to drive me to competitions across East Anglia as a teenager.? (Athlete, 16 Oct 2017)
Additional information

Trained as a classical singer. (Athlete, 16 Oct 2017)

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