Birth Date:  03 Apr 1991
Place of Birth:  DUNCRAIG
Country of birth:  AUS
Age:  27
Gender:   Female
Height (cm):  174
Weight (Kg):  67

Events and Medals

Blair EVANS - Schedule

Time Event Status
Thu, 5 Apr 10:31
Women's 400m Individual Medley Heat 1
Thu, 5 Apr 19:37
Gold Medal Event Women's 400m Individual Medley Final
Sun, 8 Apr 11:25
Women's 200m Individual Medley Heat 1
Sun, 8 Apr 21:24
Gold Medal Event Women's 200m Individual Medley Final

Biographical Information

Commonwealth Games
2010 Delhi, IND Women's 200m Freestyle 6 1:58.83
2010 Delhi, IND Women's 800m Freestyle 5 8:39.66
2010 Delhi, IND Women's 400m Individual Medley 4 4:41.51
2010 Delhi, IND Women's 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay 1 7:53.71

Olympic Games
2016 Rio de Janeiro, BRA Women's 400m Individual Medley 16 4:38.91
2012 London, GBR Women's 400m Individual Medley 13 4:40.42
2012 London, GBR Women's 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay 2 7:44.41

World Championships
2011 Shanghai, CHN Women's 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay 2 7:47.42
2009 Rome, ITA Women's 800m Freestyle 18 8:38.10

Nickname: B (, May 2016)
Hobbies: Reading, colouring (, 28 Aug 2017)
Languages spoken: English
Coach: PERSONAL: Bud McALLISTER (USA) (, 29 Aug 2017)
Injuries: Had osteomyelitis, with a huge infection in her ball and socket joint at age 11. During 2013 and 2014, she had bulging neck discs, shoulder pain and surgery. (, 28 Aug 2017;, 19 Apr 2016)
Reason: After suffering osteomyelitis in her hip, she was told that she could never run again. She immediately gave up netball and turned to swimming. (, 6 Jul 2016)
Ambition: Gaining a berth at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games to help overcome the disappointment of an underwhelming performance at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, that ended in the heats of the 400m individual medley. (, 6 Nov 2016)
Memorable: Winning her first open national title in the 800m freestyle in 2009. (, 29 Aug 2017)
Hero: Olympic champion swimmer Grant HACKETT (AUS) (, 29 Aug 2017)
Influence: Her parents (, May 2016)
Ritual: To have her nails painted red. (, May 2016)
Additional information

After failing to achieve strong times in the 200m freestyle at the national trials in 2015, she switched to individual medley. At the national trials in 2016, she clocked a personal best of 4:35.26 to book her ticket to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in the 400m individual medley, upsetting favourite Keryn McMASTER to claim the national title. “It’s something that I’ve always really enjoyed doing and it got me on the Olympic team, so I can’t ask for anything more.? (, 19 Apr 2016)

Funding stopped after the London 2012 Olympic Games and EVANS endured financial hardship. Dean PETERS, who works as a business strategist with AFL club West Coast Eagles, then got involved. "He came on board and sat me down and said, 'Look, I'm behind you. Let's do it.' I got some financial support, which helped over six to eight months." (, 19 Apr 2016)

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