Christopher WALKER

Christopher WALKER
Birth Date:  03 Jun 1967
Place of Birth:  Ross-On-Wye
Country of birth:  GBR
Age:  50
Gender:   Men
Height (cm):  178
Weight (Kg):  75

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
TRI Triathlon Men 29

Christopher WALKER - Schedule

Time Event Status
Thu, 5 Apr 13:01
Gold Medal Event Men Final

Biographical Information

Commonwealth Games
2014 Glasgow, SCO Individual - Men 26 2:10:45

Nickname: WTR (TV program, 'Walker Texas Ranger') (Athlete, Jan 2018)

"Swim, bike, run." (Athlete, Jan 2018)

Occupation: Retail manager (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Languages spoken: English, Spanish

PERSONAL: Self-coached (Athlete, Jan 2018)

Other sports

"Represented my country at rugby and athletics before taking up triathlon." (Athlete, Jan 2018)


Spine surgery (L5-S1 discectomy) in 2005. (Athlete, Jan 2018)

Reason: “Took up triathlon in 2000 at 33, having finished playing rugby due to too many injuries.? (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Ambition: "Finish 26th or higher in my fifth Commonwealth Games, on the Gold Coast 2018.? (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Memorable: “Carrying the flag at the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony in Glasgow in 2014, then the amazing crowd at the triathlon that supported me all the way to the finish.? (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Hero: “Les MACDONALD. He almost singlehandedly managed to get triathlon into the Olympics and made the sport what it is today. Peter “Robbo? ROBERTSON, for his outstanding efforts to win three world championships by pushing himself to the limit.? (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Influence: “My fellow athletes and training partners.? (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Ritual: “I always remind myself to make the most of the opportunity to race at this level and to leave everything I have out on the course.? (Athlete, Jan 2018)
Additional information

Competing at his fifth Commonwealth Games. Placed 26th in the triathlon at the 2002 Manchester and 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Competed in cycling at the 2006 Melbourne and 2010 Delhi Games. (Athlete, Jan 2018)

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