Birth Date:  17 Jul 1990
Place of Birth:  HOBART
Country of birth:  AUS
Age:  27
Gender:   Female
Height (cm):  176
Weight (Kg):  90

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
WLF Weightlifting Women's 90kg 2 Silver

Kaity FASSINA - Records

Record Event Mark Date Location
GR Weightlifting 104kg. 9 April, 2018 Gold Coast (AUS)

Kaity FASSINA - Schedule

Time Event Status
Mon, 9 Apr 14:00
Gold Medal Event Women's 90kg Final


GR: Commonwealth Games Record

Biographical Information

Commonwealth Championships
Year Location Event Rank Snatch Clean & Jerk Result
2017 Gold Coast, AUS Women's 90kg 2 105 123 228
2016 Penang, MAS Women's +75kg 2 104 125 229
2013 Penang, MAS Women's +75kg 7 95 120 215

World Championships
Year Location Event Rank Snatch Clean & Jerk Result
2014 Almaty, KAZ Women's +75kg 21 105 122 227

Nickname: Kaity (Australian Weightlifting Federation YouTube, 10 Sep 2016)

"Going to the gym, tattoos, motorcyles." (Athlete, 18 Aug 2017)

Occupation: Physical education teacher (Athlete, 18 Aug 2017)
Education: Physical education at RMIT University, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Languages spoken: English

PERSONAL: Lionel ISAAC (AUS) (, 4 Jun 2016)

Other sports

State representative in swimming (Athlete, 18 Aug 2017)

Reason: "I got asked to try it out when I was 20. Loved it and never looked back." (Athlete, 6 Oct 2017)
Ambition: "The 2018 Commonwealth Games is now the aim. I was aiming for the Olympics in 2016, but this one came along (birth of son), so that's all right. But 2018 (Commonwealth Games) will be the biggest one." (Australian Weightlifting Federation YouTube, 10 Sep 2016)
Memorable: "Competing at the World Championships in 2014 and winning the 2016 Australian nationals eight months after my son was born." (Athlete, 18 Aug 2017)
Hero: Russian weightlifter, Tatiana KASHIRINA. "She looks beautiful when she is lifting." (Athlete, 18 Aug 2017)
Influence: "My coaches and teammates at the Weightlifting Academy. They have stuck by me through some hard times and are family to me." (Athlete, 6 Oct 2017)
Ritual: "I always buy a new pair of socks for a major competition, and if it is international, I FaceTime my son before I warm-up." (Athlete, 6 Oct 2017)
Additional information

Missed the Rio 2016 Olympic Games after discovering she was pregnant. "When I found out I was pregnant, I was in Melbourne training to go to the Olympic trials. Watching the Olympics was a sore spot and watching the trials was heartbreaking, but that's the decision you make. I'll be trying out for the next Olympics and, on top of that, I have this beautiful little boy that follows me around everywhere. That's more than any Commonwealth or Olympic Games could ever give me." (, 17 Dec 2017)


Gold: Gold
Silver: Silver
Bronze: Bronze
Gold Medal Event: Gold Medal Event
Bronze Medal Event: Bronze Medal Event

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