Birth Date:  17 Sep 1985
Place of Birth:  STEPNEY
Country of birth:  GBR
Age:  32
Gender:   Female
Height (cm):  173
Weight (Kg):  73

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
WLF Weightlifting Women's 75kg 7

Rayen CUPID - Schedule

Time Event Status
Sun, 8 Apr 18:30
Gold Medal Event Women's 75kg Final

Biographical Information

Commonwealth Championships
Year Location Event Rank Snatch Clean & Jerk Result
2017 Gold Coast, AUS Women's 75kg 4 86 100 186

Nickname: Raye (Athlete, 24 Aug 2017)

Art, writing, singing (Athlete, 24 Aug 2017)

Occupation: Teacher, fitness mentor (Athlete, 24 Aug 2017)
Education: Art and design at University of Greenwich, England; mental health nursing at University of West London, England
Languages spoken: English, French

PERSONAL: George MANNERS (ENG) (Athlete, 24 Aug 2017)

Reason: "I've always been into the sport, but at 27 I was told I was too old to get into the sport and was gutted. But my coach saw something in me." (, 7 Nov 2017; Athlete, 24 Aug 2017)
Ambition: "To develop SVG weightlifting, compete at the 2020 Olympics and help as many people realise their potential in life through my creative arts and sports programmes." (Athlete, 24 Aug 2017)
Memorable: "Every moment is memorable. I am still new to this sport." (Athlete, 24 Aug 2017)
Hero: "Myself, because no matter how difficult times become, I always find space/spark in my heart encouraging me to pick myself up and come back stronger." (Athlete, 24 Aug 2017)
Influence: "My daughter, because she chose me to be her first friend, mother, mentor, teacher." (Athlete, 24 Aug 2017)
Ritual: "Pray." (Athlete, 24 Aug 2017)
Additional information

Born in England to Vincentian parents. (SVG High Commission Facebook, 25 Aug 2017)

Will be the first woman to represent Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in weightlifting at the Commonwealth Games. (Facebook, 31 Oct 2017)

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