Birth Date:  18 Sep 1999
Place of Birth:  LEVUKA, FIJI
Country of birth:  FIJ
Age:  18
Gender:   Female
Height (cm):  170
Weight (Kg):  82

Events and Medals

Sport Event Rank
WLF Weightlifting Women's 90kg 1 Gold

Eileen CIKAMATANA - Records

Record Event Mark Date Location
CR Weightlifting 111kg. 24 September, 2017 Ashgabat (TKM)
CR Weightlifting 253kg. 24 September, 2017 Ashgabat (TKM)
CR Weightlifting 143kg. 7 December, 2017 Port Villa (VAN)
GR Weightlifting 130kg. 9 April, 2018 Gold Coast (AUS)
GR Weightlifting 233kg. 9 April, 2018 Gold Coast (AUS)

Eileen CIKAMATANA - Schedule

Time Event Status
Mon, 9 Apr 14:00
Gold Medal Event Women's 90kg Final


CR: Commonwealth Record
GR: Commonwealth Games Record

Biographical Information

Commonwealth Championships
Year Location Event Rank Snatch Clean & Jerk Result
2017 Gold Coast, AUS Women's 90kg 1 102 141 243
2016 Penang, MAS Women's 69kg 2 93 122 215


Chika (Athlete, 1 Sep 2017)


"Making new friends and discovering and learning new things." (Athlete, 1 Sep 2017)


Athlete (, 1 Nov 2016)

Languages spoken

English, Fijian


CLUB: Paul COFFA (AUS) (Athlete, 1 Sep 2017)
NATIONAL: Josefa VUETI (FIJ) (Athlete, 1 Sep 2017)

Sporting relatives

Her uncle, Josefa VUETI, is Fiji's national weightlifting coach and represented Fiji at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. (MaiLife, 1 Jun 2017)


"I started with a humble beginning when I was in Year 8 and my teacher asked if I wanted to join weightlifting. The training attracted me, it was different and interesting from other sports. At first I was not allowed because I was too young, but I kept on asking and, after finishing primary school, started trying out for real." (, 8 Dec 2017; MaiLife, 1 Jun 2017)


“I really want (my parents) to come and see me perform, which is why I am aiming to bring them to the (2018) Commonwealth Games. I would give anything to see them sitting in the stand watching me.” (, 25 Sep 2017)


"Competing in my first world championships and breaking multiple records." (Athlete, 1 Sep 2017)


"My dad, Sevania CIKAMATANA, is my hero because he is a creative and hard-working person with bigger dreams than anyone I know." (Athlete, 1 Sep 2017)


“My mum and dad have been the ones who have motivated me every day and have always given me words of encouragement.” (, 25 Sep 2017)


"I always drink iced Milo before competitions." (Athlete, 1 Sep 2017)

Additional information

"The kind of training Paul COFFA (AUS) gives us, there's no excuse if you don't win a gold medal. If you don't, there's something wrong with you." COFFA said of CIKAMATANA: "You could see that she had all the ingredients to be a world champion and, sure enough, within two years she became world youth champion in the clean and jerk. I think the next stop will be the Commonwealth Games, then the Olympics in 2020. But she's not interested in silver or bronze. She just wants gold." (, 20 Jun 2017)

Became the first weightlifter from Fiji to win a gold medal at an international weightlifting competition, and the first from Oceania to win a gold medal at the world championships, in the clean and jerk (69kg) at the 2016 World Youth Championships in Malaysia. (, 25 Oct 2016)

Trains at the Oceania Weightlifting Centre in New Caledonia on a training scholarship. "Training at the Oceania Weightlifting Centre is tough, but enjoyable, and there are no distractions like I used to have back home. I can focus only on training and nothing else." (MaiLife, 1 Jun 2017)

Named 2015 Fiji Sports Award Young Female Athlete of the Year. Her coach, Paul COFFA (AUS), said: "She will be Fiji’s greatest athlete in the next four years, just remember what I say to you, I have never seen anyone as talented as this young girl and I have never seen anyone as motivated." (, 20 Apr 2016)

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Bronze: Bronze
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